Judy Chiacago is an American artist, writer and educator, recognized
by her feminist art installation pieces about birth and creation – death and extinction. She founded the feminist art program in the 70s in United States, acting as a catalyst for Feminist art and art education. Chicago's work incorporates a variety of artistic skills, before considered low arts, such as seam and embroidery, tipicaly practiced by women. Her most famous work is The Dinner Party, permanently installed in the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum.

The "Transcendance" is a project that encompasses the production of audiovisual, graphics, immersive and textual material about Judy Chicago's work. Although there is abundant material about her work in English, it is intended here to enhance the production in other languages, starting with Portuguese and French.
"Transcendance" is also about the artist's legacy and dialogue with other important women, dead or alive, and also with another goddess of African and indigenous roots.

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